12 june 2015

Quotelist Reviews 'Nothing As I Know'

“Nothing As I Know’ is pure klasse op elk gebied, indrukwekkende warme stem van een uiterst begaafde zangeres, kwalitatief hoogstaande en aangrijpende teksten en ondersteuning door ware professionals. Een productie om mee te pronken want….this is close to perfection.” (Keys & Chords)

“Miss Swinkels is een uitstekende singer/songwriter en dit Nederlandse wijffie heeft zich de Amerikaanse rootsmuziek op indrukwekkende wijze eigen weten te maken.  Dit staat als een huis.” (Real roots Cafe)

“De muziek bevat goed gedoseerde funky en bluesy elementen en die passen uitstekend bij de krachtige stem van de Limburgse. In combinatie met de sterke en positieve teksten mag je dan ook gerust spreken van een eigen geluid.” (Lust For Life)

“Zelfverzekerde rootsmuziek, waar nodig kwetsbaar, waar mogelijk uitbundig en altijd met een fijne bluestouch.” (Jazzism)

“Swinkels klinkt zelfverzekerd en speelt de sterren van de hemel. Dit is topmuziek van een zangeres die haar draai definitief gevonden lijkt te hebben.” (8Weekly)

Dit is weer eens zo’n typisch gevalletje van liefde op het eerste gehoor……een plaat om fier op te zijn!” (

“Deze Loes Swinkels kan zingen als een nachtegaal en ook haar talent als songschrijfster verdient elke vorm van aanprijzing. (Rootstime)

“Zij spelen de sterren van de rootshemel in twaalf door Swinkels geschreven songs......een mooi visitekaartje.”  (Heaven)

“Het smaakvolle resultaat is om door een ringetje te halen. (Altcountry Forum)

“Nothing As I Know is zo on-Nederlands goed. (BarnOwlBlues)

“Het is een prachtige, gevarieerde plaat geworden. Loes beschikt over een krachtige en veelzijdige stem. De gebrachte liedjes zijn hoogstaand. (Johnny’s Garden)

“Loes Swinkels is een van die voorbeelden dat er ruimschoots talent voor echte zelfgemaakte muziek aanwezig is in Nederland. Grote klasse.” (Maxazine/Barnowl)

Reviews 'Nothing As I Know'

11 june 2015

Hi everyone,

The release show of 'Nothing As I Know' was really great! It was wonderful to finally play the songs live with the band. Lots of thanks to the audience, Maria Roepaen Podium, the musicians, filmers, photographers, my family and friends and everyone who has supported me. You were amazing!

I've played some gigs across the country and I'll continue doing that the rest of the year. You can find upcoming shows on the tourpage.

I'm playing shows solo or with my band. I also love to give livingroom concerts. If you'd like me to play in your livingroom send an e-mail to

The album found it's way into the world and the reviews are really good! (Jazzism, Heaven, Lust for Live)
Check the links below, there you can find a few of them!

Thank you for all your support, hope to see you soon at a show!

x Loes

Album Release Show 'Nothing As I Know'

07 february 2015

Yes, it is finally time to send my new album into the world and it feels right!

It was quite a search to find the right musicians to put my band together but here we are and we are happy to present the album on 28 February in Maria Roepaen (Ottersum). We will play the songs of the album with some extra songs that are special to me.

It is gonna be a great night with also support act Marcel Verbeek. I'm a big fan of his music.
After our show we'll dance the night away with DJ Groovy Swing! 

I've been really busy preparing the release in all kinds of ways. Working together with promotor Hans Broere. I made  my first official video 'Heal This Wounded Child' with Tijs van Leur & Julian Salemink from Ixnay Media.  And I had a lot of fun doing a photoshoot with Janina Pieterse. She is an amazing talented photographer.
Further we are rehearsing with the band for upcoming shows, booking a tour and making new plans. Besides all this, I'm still writing new songs and I hope to visit America end of this year.

From 28 February you'll be able to buy my album 'Nothing As I Know' on the website store, at shows, in shops and from 5 March on I-tunes.
Check the tour page for new show dates.

Hoping to see you at the Album Release Show! Be There!

Loes Swinkels


23 august 2014

It's been quiet for a while, but I've been working really hard - mostly behind the scenes.

In the past six months, I've been working on my new album, "Nothing As I Know", together with producer Gabriël Peeters at the Uncle Gabe's Soundstudio in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I spent many hours driving back and forward from the studio, and yet more time recording...  It was great! And it was all worth it! We created the sound that I was looking for. I am proud to say the album is finished and became what I wanted it to be!

I am truly grateful for the collaboration with Gabriël Peeters, Richard van Bergen, Rob Geboers and BJ Baartmans. We gave it our best and we did a pretty damn good job. Rachel Schraven took care of the photographs for the artwork; Joyce Walian made sure I looked good (doing my hair and make-up); and Sophie van Kempen and I worked on the artwork of the album - she did a great job!

You haven't seen me much on stage lately, but I promise that will change soon. At this very moment I am putting my band together. The album should be out in October/November this year, hopefully with a nice release party. I have some wonderful plans, but first things first... First the band, than you'll hear more from me.

It feels like a new beginning for the music I have been working on for so long. I'll make things ready behind the scenes, so I can show you my new album really soon! I'll also continue writing new songs - lots of those bluesy tunes that I love.
Stay tuned!

Loes Swinkels