"The roots of Singer Songwriter Loes Swinkels lie in Limburg, the Netherlands, but it could easily have been Texas. With her powerful, bluesy voice she will take you to abandoned roads, worn out jeans, or a silent place in the middle of the woods. 'With my songs I wish to sing love and hope into the world', Loes says. And that is exactly what she will be doing. Loes's second album 'Nothing As I Know' is released February 2015".

Loes Swinkels is a very talented musician and songwriter from the south of the Netherlands. Growing up in a small village, she knew that one day she would spread her wings and leave. After writing poems at young age, she picked up the guitar at the age of 16. The poems soon became songs about freedom and love. Although she preferred writing and singing above playing the guitar, she continued learning new chords and found her own way through it. Often not knowing precisely what she was playing, she instinctively felt what the song needed. With her warm and strong voice and her rhythmic guitar playing, she brings her songs with a natural confidence, but, more than that, they come straight from her heart.

Her first album, ‘Passionately Lonely', was released in 2009 - fine songs inspired by modern songwriters. Soon afterwards, she formed her first band and decided to take a new route, trading the immature songs from the first album, for a new, more mature sound, adding more and more Roots to it.

Her musical Soulmate showed her the way on this new road, inspiring her with great music she had never heard before. He helped her grow as a musician and songwriter. Having spent a few years together, one good day they decided to go their separate ways. Loes took all the good inspiration with her and followed the road she was getting to know. Her love for Blues, Americana and Soul grew fast and she let it touch her soul, finding inspiration in the music of singers such as Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, Aretha Franklin and Patty Griffin. More and more, these beautiful influences can be heard in her voice.

After this, it was time for a new beginning, a new chance, and a new album. With the album ‘Nothing As I Know’, she comes out with her own sound - the sound she found after walking all these different paths. 13 Songs: some new, some from back in the days, all recorded with love. For this album she collaborated with Gabriël Peeters, Richard van Bergen, Rob Geboers and BJ Baartmans.

Loes is forming a new band and together they will find their way into the world, bringing good vibes with beautiful songs.

"My purpose…. Bringing Love and Light into the world, touching people's hearts, and enjoying making fine music."